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Encrypting your data is an important step to protect your personal information while the data is not in use. There are multiple ways of encrypting your data. Full-disk encryption, using a container file that contains specific files that should be encrypted, encrypting single files or encrypting an entire directory.

PHP has some great advantages over several other languages in that it's really easy for beginners to set-up a basic website. That upside comes with some downsides too. A lot of basic PHP tutorials fail to cover important aspects of application security.

This post is divided into several sections each covering a different security threat and how to properly defend your site against it.

Sometimes there are unique content requirements that require content editors to insert Twig code in Craft CMS entries. However this raises several security concerns and issues. In this post I'll highlight the solution I developed for my blog.

HTTP/2 offers many advantages over legacy protocols like HTTP/1.1. One of those features is Server Push, a way to push assets to the client before the server supplies the requested HTML document. This allows for faster load-times for critical assets. In this example I will be using the Caddy webserver, however modern Apache 2 and nginx versions also support Sever Push and HTTP/2.

This is my review of the Tolino Shine 3. While the device has some strong points it disappoints in others. It's a relatively cheap E-Reader featuring an E-Ink display. E-Ink is a cool technology that uses electrically charged pigments to draw an image on the screen that persists without any power applied to it. Meaning you should get days or even weeks of battery life out of a device like this.

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I'm Benjamin a 25 year old programmer from Vienna, Austria. My main focus is web development, hybrid App development and a bit of Linux system administration.

This blog contains everything I'm interested in. Programming, Linux, Networking, Languages, Books and Politics. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions.

My blog is open-source and can be found on GitHub.